Spandex at work

Spandex Swimsuits

I was caught wearing one of my spandex swimsuits under my clothes the other day at work. I usually try my best to make sure that no one knows I am wearing anything under my clothes, but for some reason my boss saw what I was wearing. He called me into his office a short time later and I just knew that I was going to get into some kind of trouble. He had an expression on his face like he was about to fire me, but that isn’t what happened. Instead he told me to sit down and asked me about the tights I had on under my clothes.

I explained to him that I enjoyed wearing spandex swimsuits under my clothes and I knew it went against the dress code, but I tried to make sure no one saw it. I was ready to accept my fate at that point and started wondering what other jobs I could possibly get in this current economy. That is when he stood up and raised his shirt to show me that he was also wearing tights under his clothing. He laughed and said that he had never met anyone else that enjoyed wearing something like this and he had no issues with me wearing them.

We have traded tips on wearing spandex swimsuits to work and enjoy talking about how comfortable they are. I never thought my boss would be into something like this and was amazed to find out that he and I were much more alike than I had thought. I’m not expecting any type of out of work friendship with him or anything like that. But it is nice to know that I am not the only person that has a secret fetish at work. Maybe this is the beginning of something a bit more entertaining in my life.

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Male to female transformation men’s swimwear

Men’s Spandex Swimwear

Most of the men’s spandex swimwear that I have seen has been exceptionally sexy and I would love to wear them out on the beach. The only issue I have is that there isn’t a beach even remotely close to me. Now that doesn’t mean that I haven’t gone to the beach before as I like to plan my vacations around being close to a beach. But I also don’t want to buy something like this in the hopes that I will get to wear them on vacation one week out of the year. I want to be able to wear them as much as I can if I am spending money on them.

 Now I know that I could just buy the men’s spandex swimwear and wear them around here, but I don’t know if I am ready for the looks that I am going to get from my neighbors. These people are pretty uptight when it comes to things like this especially when you consider the fact that I live in a predominately small conservative Christian town. They might end up hitting my house late at night with torches and pitchforks trying to “drive the devil” out or something.

I will have to buy at least one men’s spandex swimwear design before heading to the beach in order to make sure it fits perfectly I just won’t be able to walk around in public with them on. I guess that wouldn’t be so bad though. Maybe if I like the way they feel that much I could turn it into a little game and walk around town with them on under my clothing just to see if anyone out there would even notice. Now that I think of it like that, I will probably buy a bunch of them and give up wearing underwear altogether. My doctor visits will definitely become a bit more interesting too and I will see if he breaks his confidentiality when it comes to what I am wearing.

Spandex is hot!

Spandex Swimsuits

I have recently come across a couple of sites online that sell spandex swimsuits and was amazed at the designs they were offering. I have seen quite a lot of designs being worn where I live but none of them compared to what I was seeing online. I did not even realize that some of those designs were meant to be worn to the beach as they looked like something a guy would wear to a sex club or something. I will admit that I am pretty new to this subject, so I am not sure what to think about some of them, but I do like the looks of a lot of them.

I have spent enough time looking around for some spandex swimsuits that I could wear to the beach that I might have found a new fetish to get involved in. The more that I look into some of these designs the more that I really want to try them out, even if there are some that I will not be able to wear out in public. I just do not know if I would be able to wear the regular ones out to the beach if I ended up getting those erotically charged ones that I keep seeing. I guess the only way to make sure is to buy some of them and see what happens, though.

I love looking at spandex swimsuits and I am finding it rather difficult to pick out just one that I want to try out for now. I told myself going into this that I am only going purchase one design in order to see if I actually enjoy wearing something like this but finding that one design is proving to be rather difficult. Every page I come across there are at least three designs that I simply can’t live without and I can already see that this is going to be a hobby that I will have to place a strict budget on. I really do not need to get into debt over something like this simply because I can’t make up my mind on which one, I am going to buy first.

Spandex Swimsuits. The hot men’s choice.

Spandex Swimsuits

There are a lot of different spandex swimsuits available on the market these days that you can choose to wear out on the beach or to a pool party. One of the things that you need to think about is whether or not you are going to be spending a lot of time in front of the general public. If you are planning to be a part of the general public the majority of your time, then you should be searching for designs that will be safe for you to wear in that type of environment. You do not want to be wearing something a little too sexy in public as you run the risk of getting into a little bit of trouble that way.

If you are planning on wearing your spandex swimsuits to private pool parties that you or your friends are throwing, and you won’t be in public a lot; then you can pretty much wear whatever you want as long as you are not offending anyone. I usually tend to ask the people I am going to be around at these parties what they plan on wearing. In that way, I have some kind of idea as to what I should. If they are wearing something extra sexy, then I know I can wear something that will make everyone blush.

These are the types of things you need to consider when choosing to wear spandex swimsuits. I know that it is not the most effective use of your time for the most part. On the other hand, if you end up wearing one of the more erotic options in public, you probably are not going to have a very good day. I have had to live through a day like that and was simply lucky that I did not end up getting a ticket for it. I actually thought the design that I was wearing was pretty tame compared to some of the other options I had in mind to wear. But, the elderly couple on the beach did not seem to feel the same way about it as I did. I have now stopped wearing those designs and went for the more casual options in order to make everyone around me happy. One of these days people will realize that wearing spandex is not all that bad. They should be happy that I am not walking around naked every time I go to the beach.

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Fun with men’s spandex swimsuits.

Spandex Swimsuits

For all of the people living around the world, summer is right around the corner. In other parts, you are most likely starting to feel a slide from warm weather into the, often, frigid temperatures. No matter what your situation may be, you should know that anytime of the year means that you can shop for spandex swimsuits. All that is required is motivation to start building up your swimsuit wardrobe, even if you are in colder weather. You can depend on the weather allowing  you to wear those swimsuits eventually. On the other hand, when you buy swimsuits during the “off” season, you are much more likely to get some great bargains.

Men who tend to wear only spandex swimsuits state that once they discovered these versatile swimsuits, that was it for them.  They only wanted to wear swimsuits made from spandex. These guys say that this fabulous fabric can do things to them that they cannot imagine wearing anything else. It has such a breathable quality that offer comfort no matter where you are wearing them. In warm weather, spandex makes you feel a little cooler, and when wearing spandex in cooler weather, you will feel warmer. No one seems to know just who should get the credit for these features.

There is one more simple thing you need to know about spandex swimsuits. You must keep your body in decent shape if you are going to wear these swimsuits successfully. This is something that most couch potatoes will not want to hear. The sad truth is that you will have a decision to make. Do you want to look sexy and amazing while others watch you stroll along the beach or do you want to just continue to sit on the couch as you watch  your favorite sports teams play games? If you choose to look great in spandex, then it might take a bit of work to get there. But that should be a motivation in and of itself. So if you want to wear sexy swimsuits, it is time to get your inflated ass off of that couch and get started.

Micro spandex swimwear for men!

Spandex Swimsuits

When it comes to swimwear, there is nothing more flattering and comfortable than spandex swimsuits. As a man, you must definitely have heard of a wonderful fabric called spandex. What you may not be familiar with are swimsuits that are made from this remarkable material. All it took for that to happen is, most likely, a man much like yourself, to want something a bit different to wear when he visited his favorite swimming venue. This man may have gone in search of the differences he desired and, after a considerable amount of looking around, he realized that there was a very simple answer to solve his quest. Why not put spandex and swimsuits together? This theory may very well be how things got started.  At any rate, it was a good call. 

Designers heard the cry from men all over the world and they listened. The result was the creation of spandex swimsuits. Men were flocking everywhere that these new and very different swimsuits were put on the shelves of all of the shops selling menswear. This seemed to happen more often in high end shops, but they also were sold in department stores; basically, everywhere that men’s swimwear is sold. There is something for every man, no matter what style they may prefer. In addition, if you decide that you want to shop privately, all you need to do is go online and you will find many websites that sell swimsuits made from spandex. You also do not have to worry about sales people peering over your shoulder. While they are meant to assist you, they can, at times, be rather annoying.

There is one other thing to address. That point is that spandex swimsuits can be a dream come true for many men, particularly those who have taken care of their bodies. These are the men who can wear any swimsuit and totally rock it. On the other hand, if men who are terribly overweight try to stuff themselves like sausages into spandex, they might want to consider getting into decent physical shape before unleashing themselves on the unsuspecting public. It may not be easy at first, but it will be worth it when you see the result.

Spandex Swimsuits are Hot!

Spandex Swimsuits

When it comes to spandex swimsuits, you may not have ever heard of them, let alone worn one. However, swimsuits created from spandex quickly became very popular as soon as they were launched to the public. Men who were in decent physical shape were flocking to the stores where these swimsuits were sold. These guys are the ones who wore as little on their bodies as possible when they went swimming,  especially when swimsuits became smaller and smaller. They were the men who gravitated to shorts, briefs, bikinis, micro bikinis and even pouches. Anything that set off their sexy bodies drew them in and continued to keep them coming back for more.

Now, if you happen to be one of the minority of men who have not known about spandex swimsuits, it is important to take a few minutes to learn more about them. First of all, spandex is the perfect fabric to use when making swimsuits. The fit of this swimwear is incredible. It acts almost like a part of your body due to the way it breathes along with you. This is one of the main reasons that spandex is used in lots of competitive sports as well as swimwear. Items created from spandex also retain their original shape. You will never have to pull and tug on swimsuits made from spandex because they are made to stay in shape.

Buying your spandex swimsuits is so simple that there is no excuse for you not to even try out one of them. All you need is access to a computer and the Internet and you are good to go. There are so many online stores that you will have all the choices that you need when shopping for your swimsuit made from spandex. Everything is handled discreetly so you will not be embarrassed about any one you know seeing what you are purchasing. You might not feel confident about wearing the swimsuit initially, but once you slip into it, you will never look back at anything made from cotton or polyester again.

Spandex Swimsuits Could not be Any More Comfortable

Spandex Swimsuits Could not be Any More Comfortable

If you are constantly searching for and failing to find comfortable swimwear, then you have obviously not stumbled upon spandex swimsuits. Not only are these swimsuits the most comfortable ones in existence, but they offer the men who wear them the extra added perk of molding the spandex to the body in such a way as to get positive attention everywhere they go to enjoy the sun and water. All men will certainly agree that if you are going to be stared at, positive stares are most preferable. On the other hand, swimsuits made from spandex offer more perks than just those lustful looks from acquaintances and strangers alike. They will mostly get plenty of phone numbers and asked out on dates.

Keeping in mind that spandex swimsuits make you look your very hottest when visiting your favorite swimming venue; you also need to understand that you can look great while also feeling comfortable. A lot of swimwear might make you look pretty good, but it is also usually uncomfortable because you need to worry about your posture or something like that. Swimwear made from spandex takes that annoying worry away from you. Spandex is often known as the miracle material because of how it acts with your skin. It is almost like it breathes with your skin. That keeps you from becoming too hot or feeling chilled no matter what the temperature might be.

You could seriously not ask for more than comfort and a flattering fit that you will get when you purchase spandex swimsuits. Just ask any man who has made the switch from ordinary swimwear made from cotton or some other fabric. Spandex allows you to feel as if you are not wearing anything, which allows you to experience the feeling of being totally nude even while visiting a swimming venue that is not clothing optional. It is that very sensation that men love about spandex. If you are not getting everything you want from your current swimsuits, it is time to at least try spandex and see if they do not cause you to be another convert.


Photo of me wearing a new addition to my collection. A neoprene bikini by I love spandex and I have a growing interest in micro neoprene swimsuits too!

Have Fun in Spandex Swimsuits

Have Fun in Spandex Swimsuits

If you happen to be man who does not have a lot of fun in life and are just ok with that, you do not have to remain in that situation. Something that you can use immediately to start having some fun are spandex swimsuits. It is so simple that most men do not even know that this is a solution to their drab lives. You do not even have to change your lifestyle unless you just want to do that for yourself. Fitness is never a bad thing and, if you feel that you are not going to look flattering in the swimsuit, it might definitely be a time to get on board to looking and feeling great. This can all be a major change in life for you. But you probably need a little more of a push since no one really gets into a workout program, at least in the beginning. Later, most guys start to get into a routine for working out and they start to like it and look forward to their next workout.

Now, when it comes to having a bit of fun, you will need to do a little shopping for spandex swimsuits. Nothing can come close to getting you on the road to having lots of fun. It may be difficult to believe that something so simple as a swimsuit can change your life, but if that particular swimsuit is made from spandex; that is definitely a game changer. This material is sexy no matter what item it has been used to create. That means that any swimsuit made from spandex that you may choose is going to change your life. Spandex offers you so much that it may not be necessary for you to take on a workout regimen. Of course, there are always new rules that are meant to be broken.

Before you can start having fun by wearing spandex swimsuits, you should assess the shape of your body. This can be done by stripping all of your clothes off and standing before a full length mirror as you take in any flaws you may need to work on before starting your spandex fun. No one can imagine just how great a time you can experience when wearing spandex. This means all spandex items, but swimsuits really call attention to yourself, giving you a reason to go out and kick up your heels.


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Get Your Spandex Swimsuits Early

Get Your Spandex Swimsuits Early

It is most likely autumn and heading into the winter season where you live. On the other side of the world, it is spring heading into summer. Either way, you might want to get started on purchasing your spandex swimsuits before any of the seasons change. For instance, it is going to be the holiday season soon and there is not another gift that men love more than a spandex swimsuit. Believe it or not; they are not going to turn their noses up at a gift of a swimsuit created from this very special material. In fact, you will probably discover that your gift is his favorite one of all. Actually, you may find that getting a spandex swimsuit as a gift for any and all occasions for those special men in your life might just be the best idea that you have ever had.

There are many amazing aspects to spandex swimsuits that, even after all this time, are still not widely known. Obviously, the sensation that spandex produces when it is against your bare body is a given. Everyone who has ever tried on a garment made from this fabulous fabric is quite familiar with this aspect. On the other hand, something that men may not know about is the way that spandex actually breathes with your skin. It attaches itself to you so that you have the ultimate in comfort at all times. This is true whether you are using your spandex swimsuit as underwear or as swimwear. Either way, you will feel quite comfortable in them.

Don’t you feel that it is time you experience all of the remarkable aspects that spandex swimsuits have to offer? Seriously, nothing can match the sensuousness and comfort that spandex can provide for you. In case you do not happen to believe that any mere fabric can bring about such a massive change in your life, then you need to give a try for yourself. It is a proven fact that from the first moment you slip into that spandex item, no matter what it is, your life will be magically and permanently altered. Don’t worry, though. The change will be one of the best ones you have ever had.