Picking Out the Right Spandex Swimsuits


Not all spandex swimsuits are created equal these days. This is one of those materials that have taken over the world quietly and almost everything that is being worn these days has at least a little bit of spandex in it. Of course you aren’t going to be wearing a swimsuit that is only partially spandex are you? This is why it helps to do your research when looking for spandex to wear out to the beach. There are a lot of sites out there purporting to show the best of the best but that usually isn’t the case. Too many people like to take lower quality spandex and push it off as something higher in quality. You have to take the time to figure out what it really is and that can be difficult.


You don’t need to be a fashion designer to understand that there are some really good spandex swimsuits in this world and some that you probably shouldn’t order. You have to think about what it is you want to express with your swimsuit first and look for the designs that will accomplish this. Then you have to figure out if the material and design itself is going to work for your needs. Always go for the purest form of spandex you can get and pick out the design that you are most comfortable wearing in public.

If you have any problems picking out your spandex swimsuits you can always look around online to see what other guys have tried out. There are a lot of forums out there sharing stories with others in order to get them into the right swimwear. Just make sure that you aren’t spending too much money on designs that aren’t going to work out for you. That is something that you might not be able to recover from and one of the main reasons that a lot of guys stop trying to wear spandex.

Don’t Let My Friend Surprise You with His New Spandex Swimsuits


I have seen a lot of spandex swimsuits over the years but nothing prepared me for what my friend decided to bring back from France on his vacation over last summer. Every time I spoke with him on the phone he was trying to describe what some guys was wearing on the beach but he has never been very good at using descriptive words. In fact he tried explaining what some wine tasted like and I thought he was telling me about the differences between automotive gases that they use over there or something. That should tell you how confused I was by what he was telling me about the swimsuits.

I put it all out of my mind and figured that he would have too by the time he got home, but he didn’t. Instead of trying to explain it to me though he put one of these new spandex swimsuits on and showed me what he was talking about. I should preface this by telling you he said the guy looked like he had a full body wax before stepping out of the bathroom and showing me what he had brought home. The sheer horror at seeing his hairy ass in that swimsuit made me want to hit him in the head with a shovel and run away in fear.


I couldn’t get too much of a view and still have no clear idea what the spandex swimsuits looked like because I couldn’t stare at him that long without the flight or fight response kicking back in. He told me what they were called and I went ahead and found them online which was much better for me. The guys wearing them online looked like they should be wearing something like that out on the beach. He looked like an old train hobo wearing a bikini on the outside of some really nasty long johns that hadn’t been washed, or changed out, in over ten years. Why would he wear something like that knowing what he looks like in the first place?

Spandex Swimsuits Have Shown Me a Good Time


Some of the best times I have ever had involved wearing spandex swimsuits on the beach. It seems like every time I wear something like this out to the beach I end up getting invited to a party which ends up being absolutely crazy. I never really thought that wearing something like this would end up having such a profound impact on my life but now I can see the power with which spandex has on people. Because of this I tend to only wear spandex when I have a full weekend to devote to having as much fun as possible without worry about the consequences.

Take the time I wore the sexiest spandex swimsuits I could find to the beach one day and got invited to an A-list actor’s house party. Now I am not going to start name dropping or anything like that but I can say that this particular actor has been in some of the highest grossing movies ever created and I got to party at their house. I was even the center of attention while performing a lip-sync talent show on the diving board of the pool. Now if that isn’t amazing I don’t know what is.


Things like that one particular incident don’t happen all the time but wearing my spandex swimsuits has made it happen at least once and how many people can say that about their own swimwear? You see, I don’t really believe that the swimsuit itself has given me special abilities to make people like me but I do believe that I have gained an amount of confidence that has allowed me to be more approachable by others. Because of this confidence people see me as a friendly guy that is willing to go out and have a good time. I have never been arrested or anything and everything seems to work out very well. I have the confidence that I get from wearing my spandex designs to thank for that regardless of what anyone else might think. You may not experience the same things I do but I am sure you will have much more fun in your life if you give spandex swimsuits a try.

Spandex Swimsuits Will Give You More Fun in Your Life


If you aren’t wearing spandex swimsuits then you are not having as much fun as you might think you are having out on the beach. In fact I can guarantee that if you were to wear something like this the next time you go out you won’t ever want to leave the house again without knowing you have something made from spandex to wear when you get back home. I can honestly say that most of the guys that I know have started wearing spandex and refuse to go to the beach while wearing anything else if they can help it.

I even have a friend that will drive the two hours back to his house if his spandex swimsuits aren’t with him and we all decide to go to the beach for the afternoon. Now how many of you reading this would do something like that for those regular old trunks that you think are so cool? I bet most of you would simply hang out in your jeans or just not go to the beach because driving two hours to get your trunks would not be worth the effort involved. That is the type of thing only spandex would make you do.

Now I might not be willing to go that far for my spandex swimsuits but I certainly wouldn’t have as much fun if I didn’t have them on when I got to the beach. There are a lot of things in this life that you have to settle for and your swimwear should not have to be one of them. You should be able to fall in love with wearing your swimwear every time you put them on and that is what I feel with my spandex designs every day. Thankfully I live on the beach so I can wear mine all the time but I would probably do that anywhere even if I lived nowhere near the ocean.

The Spandex Swimsuits Law


I think not wearing spandex swimsuits should be a law on beaches around the world. I know that would be a crazy thing to make into a law but, if more guys were wearing spandex, I think they would be a lot happier in their lives. I have been a lot happier in my own life since I started wearing spandex and going out in public for the attention. Now, I strongly feel that if I could have this experience personally, then any other guy out there could feel it as well. In fact, buy a pair and wear them to the beach just to see how happy they can make you for yourself.



You will see that wearing spandex swimsuits should be something that every male on the planet should be doing once you have slipped into one of them. There is no other material in the world that can fit you as perfectly as spandex can and no other designs that will come close to giving you the attention that you want to get on the beach. I know this because I have tried wearing all different kinds of swimwear over the years and only the spandex items have gotten me the attention and comfort that I crave.

Of course you do not have to take my word on this. Ask any guys you see wearing spandex swimsuits on the beach how they feel and they will tell you the same thing. You see, that is what I did once I started seeing people wearing these designs on the beach that I visit and the overwhelming positive response made me want to go home immediately to buy as many as I could afford. The funny thing is that I could afford quite a few of them so I bought more than I probably should have, but I do not regret it in the least because they are amazing to wear. You will agree with me once you give them a try.

Spandex Swimsuits and My Life


Spandex swimsuits have become a staple in my life over the last few years. I do not even feel normal unless I am wearing something of this nature every day. I went an entire month without putting on one swimsuit and thought I was going to die of misery. The tension in my life had become so bad that I knew the only way I could relax was by putting on my swimsuit and just letting life pass me by. It only took three days before I started to feel normal again, which is a long time to sit in your living room without going outside or talking to anyone.

It is a good thing that I have friends that understand how my life is affected by my spandex swimsuits. They knew that I was not wearing them and they understood that I needed some time to myself to gather my wits again. After three days of doing nothing except relaxing in my spandex, I was back to my old self again and ready to head out to a body of water. My friends all got together and threw a huge pool party so that I could feel at home. They did not think it was weird at all that I broke down after not wearing my swimsuit for a rather short period of time.


If you are involved with spandex swimsuits like I am, then you know how difficult it is to go without one for a while. If you have no idea what that would be like, then you need to start looking around at the latest designs in swimwear. Once you find that perfect design, you will immediately understand how I feel when I am not wearing one. As you can see, my life is rather strange but it is the one that I have and I do with it the best that I can. As long as I have my spandex, there is nothing that can stand in my way.

Wishing I Was Young Enough for Spandex Swimsuits


Whenever I see guys wearing spandex swimsuits, I find myself wishing I was young enough to join them. I know that I do not have the body to be wearing something like that out in public and I am pretty sure that the people in public would prefer that I did not as well. Thankfully, I have a nice yard with a privacy fence and pool so I can wear them at home. I would love to show them off even to a neighbor now and then, but I think it is best to keep them to myself. I do try to be respectful.

I have been wearing spandex swimsuits for a few years now and they are extremely comfortable. I can understand why younger men would love to have something like this on the beach. I have also found that I tend to spend more time around my pool when I do not have to worry about my swimsuit falling off. These spandex designs tend to stay in place no matter what I am doing even though that is not all that much at this point in my life. But what I am doing is enjoying my swimsuits like never before and that is pretty good for an old man like me.

Being the age I am, I can tell you that wearing spandex swimsuits is not such a big deal anymore. Sure, it was frowned upon by most guys a few years ago, but sometimes you have to do things that will bring a bit of adventure into your life. You do not want to live to be my age and regret never getting out there and having any fun. If you get a chance to wear spandex, you should absolutely take it and see where your life can go. I only wish that I was young enough these days to get involved in something like this now. If they would have had this type of swimsuit when I was in my twenties; I am pretty sure I would have been on the beach every single day of my life. Even though it might be a little too late for me now, I can still gain pleasure from watching the young men these days.

Trying Out Spandex Swimsuits


I have seen a lot of different spandex swimsuits this summer and they have really amazed me. I never really put all that much thought into spandex as a viable option for swimwear until I started going to the local beach, though. I always thought of spandex as something more for people working out in the gym or jogging. For some reason, though, I never thought of it for swimming in or other beach related options. I guess it is good that not everyone around the world sees things the same way I do or we would not have this type of swimsuit available.

After seeing so many spandex swimsuits on the beach over the last couple of weeks, I have finally decided that I should try wearing something like this. Now I may not wear my spandex out to the beach and show off my body like all those younger guys like to do, but I am willing to try them out to see what they are like. Being in my 50’s means that I am pretty set in my ways most of the time, but I am willing to try a few things now and then to see what it would be like. So this will be one of those things I am going to try just to throw a little chaos into my life.


I am sure that I will enjoy wearing the spandex swimsuits that I find just as soon as I can figure out which ones I should buy. There are just so many different designs available that I am not sure how I am going to separate the ones that I should try first from the ones that I really want to try. I guess I could just buy a few of them and try them on in the bedroom first to see which ones I like the most. I think that is exactly what I am going to do and hopefully I would look like a complete fool once I get them on my body.

Spandex Swimsuits for Everyone


Not all spandex swimsuits are created equally as far as I am concerned. There are some available on the market that should not be worn in public and some that should only be worn in public as long as you are willing to accept the amount of attention you will get for doing so. I am one of those guys that likes to wear the ones that attract the most attention, too. There is nothing better than having an entire full beach looking at you in awe as you walk by. All those eyes on my body makes me strut a little more so that they can all get a really good show.

As far as the spandex swimsuits that should not be worn in public at all, yeah, I have a few of them. I have some friends that like to throw late-night pool parties and I always show up in something the public would not like to see. The good news is that my friends and the people we invite to those parties do want to see that type of swimwear. It’s a good thing that I have the body to wear something like that and not make people feel sick or anything.


You may want to stick to the spandex swimsuits that are allowed in public for now, though, if you have never worn anything like this. If you are not sure what those designs might be; just look for the ones that completely cover your ass and do not push your cock out towards people walking by on the beach. If you pick out something that does that, then you are pretty safe when you decide to go out to the beach for the weekend. Just do not be surprised when you see someone like me walking up to you and smiling while wearing a design that definitely does not have an ass and actually makes you have direct eye contact with their cock.

Getting Ready to Wear Spandex Swimsuits


I have seen some really sexy spandex swimsuits lately and all I can think about is how badly I want a body that looks good this summer. I would love to be able to walk out onto the beach in something like this and have everyone around me staring at my sexiness. Of course I have the body of a middle aged cake lover and that is never a good thing to try to squeeze into spandex. But seeing other guys wearing these swimsuits has gotten me to think that I might be able to wear one next summer if I put in some hard work at the gym.

I am not saying that all guys that are a bit over weight should stop wearing spandex swimsuits, by the way. I think if you are happy with your body, then you should be allowed to wear whatever you want to and to hell with anyone that does not like it. I am saying that I am not comfortable with the way my body would look in spandex and, therefore, I will need to put some effort into changing that. It’s a good thing that I really want to wear spandex or I might not have the will power to succeed.


I know that one day soon I will get my chance to unveil my first ever spandex swimsuits design to the world and, when that day comes, I hope that there is someone out there just like me seeing it. I hope that I give them the encouragement that I got from watching other guys wearing spandex on the beach. This way it can pass on to others and there could be a huge increase in the number of guys wearing spandex out on the beach. If not, then that is okay, too, since I will at least be happy with my decision to do this and that is all that really matters at the end of the day anyway. All I need now is the motivation to keep me on track.