The Rules of Spandex Swimsuits

  Wearing spandex swimsuits is a great way of showing off your body and feeling extra sexy on the beach. However, there are a few things that you need to think about in the beginning. Now the first and most important thing to remember is that you need spandex that fits properly. We have all […]

Spandex Swimsuits to Look Sexier

  The more guys I see wearing spandex swimsuits the more I want to try some out for myself. I never really thought about wearing things like this in the past, but I see these guys walking around all the time now. It used to be that I could feel happy wearing something like boarding […]

There is Nothing Quite Like Spandex Swimsuits

  Spandex swimsuits fit snug, and yet, are comfortable at the same time. They look great on just about everybody except for the very obese. Even then, however, this miracle fabric has enough versatility that it can stretch to fit all body sizes. In short, there really is nothing quite like these particular swimsuits. They […]

Nothing Replaces Spandex Swimsuits

    While there may be many, many different types of swimsuits available on the market these days for men, nothing will ever replace spandex swimsuits. This swimwear does everything to help flatter just about any body type with the exception of the hugely obese. It can even help slenderize and shape a slightly chubby […]