Spandex Swimsuits without Offense

  I have seen a thousand different spandex swimsuits over the years and each one of them has left me wondering what it would be like to wear them. I know that there are some that I will never be able to pull off like some guys can, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t […]

Spandex Swimsuits to Feel Good In

  It used to be almost impossible to find good men’s spandex swimsuits in my area. In fact, there wasn’t a single store within 50 miles that sold anything remotely considered to be spandex. But the popularity of the internet has brought that all to a moot point. I can click a few links online and […]

The Spandex Swimsuits Craze

  Wearing spandex swimsuits is the newest craze to sweep my local beach, lately. I find it funny that the same people that were making fun of me wearing spandex are now out there walking around in the skimpiest designs I have ever seen. Of course I don’t blame them for what they have done […]