Don’t Miss out on Spandex Swimsuits

  Whenever I take my spandex swimsuits out on the beach, I feel like I am completely alone in the world. Everywhere I look people are watching me walk by but no one else is wearing spandex. It is almost like I am looking through a window onto a landscape that I don’t recognize. It […]

Enjoying my Spandex Swimsuits at Home

  Having worn a lot of spandex men’s swimsuits in my life, I can tell you that they are very exciting. I don’t even mean taking them out to the beach or anything either. Just wearing them around the house while no one else is around has become something that I often look forward to […]

Doing Bad Things in Spandex Swimsuits

  I love wearing spandex men’s swimsuits myself, but there also are times when I would rather sit out on the sand and watch all those sexy guys walking around. There is something so hot about seeing sexy men wearing things like this out in public. I usually do my best to control myself but sometimes […]

The Ever Growing Popularity of Spandex Swimsuits

  There are a lot of guys wearing spandex swimsuits these days and I am glad to see it. When I first started wearing them, there weren’t all that many guys that were comfortable in wearing something like this out in public. They might have been wearing them around the house or had them on […]

Waiting for the Day of Spandex Swimsuits

  A lot of people are starting to realize that wearing men’s spandex swimsuits is becoming the next normal thing on the beach. The good news about this is that those old dorky trunks that we all used to wear are slowly going out the door. I hated wearing those things, especially getting in and out […]

Watching Spandex Swimsuits Evolve

v   When I started wearing men’s spandex swimsuits, there was no one else in my area even thinking about things like that. Everyone had been wearing the exact same swimwear for the last twenty years, it seemed, until I came across a little site online. I was messing around online and just happened to come […]