Getting Use to the Stares Because of Spandex Swimsuits


Wearing spandex swimsuits out in public might sound like a great idea at first, but then you take them out and people start staring at you. Now if you are into that awkward attention that you get when people are trying to wonder what the hell you are wearing around them then more power to you. I am not one of those guys and it made me feel uncomfortable that everyone was staring at me like that. I immediately went home and changed into something else before going back out to the beach. The thing is they were still staring at me as if they knew that I was the same guy.

Now I can get away with wearing my spandex men’s swimsuits just about anywhere because they are so popular with people these days. But back then, it was a surprise to see another guy walking down the beach wearing something made from spandex. I just have to make sure that what I am wearing in public isn’t too erotic for those people. Of course, if they saw some of the designs that I keep to the bedroom, they probably wouldn’t even let me on the beach anymore.

I love spandex swimsuits and I am happy to see other guys out there wearing them, too. Now if I can just manage to get all the men in the world to wear something of this nature every time they go to the beach, then I could start pushing the envelope a little with sexier designs. My goal is to finally get to wear the most erotic of spandex on the beach and no one would even lift their head to look in my direction because they have already seen it on someone else. It probably won’t happen like that, but it is nice to have dreams and that is one I think about often.


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