Spandex Swimsuits to Flatter

  I have started seeing a lot more spandex swimsuits being worn on the beach over the last few months than I ever have in the past. I find it awesome that guys are starting to realize they can wear things that are sexy and still feel manly about it. I know women have had […]

Wearing Spandex Swimsuits

  Have you ever seen someone wearing spandex swimsuits and wondered what they might have underneath them? Yeah, I haven’t wondered that, either, because you can pretty much see what they have under that swimsuit of theirs. Spandex is so form fitting that it is really hard to hide just how big, or small, your […]

Naughty Spandex Swimsuits

  I have seen a lot of sexy spandex swimsuits over the years but none of them have ever compared to the designs that I have bought in the last few months. I found a site online that is selling such erotic looking designs that I simply had to buy them even if I am […]