Spandex Swimsuits to Flatter


I have started seeing a lot more spandex swimsuits being worn on the beach over the last few months than I ever have in the past. I find it awesome that guys are starting to realize they can wear things that are sexy and still feel manly about it. I know women have had all kinds of things to wear to the beach that makes them look sexy but guys never really have. I guess they could wear women’s bikinis to the beach if they wanted, but I’m pretty sure most people would just laugh them off the beach if they did something like that.

The spandex swimsuits that you can find these days are some of the greatest things I have ever seen in my life, though. I never would have thought that a simple material like spandex could be made into so many things. That is probably why I am not a designer of anything related to fashion, though. I have to admit that there are some designs that I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing personally, but I am more than willing to look at any guy that might be wearing them out in public. I just wish I had the body to be able to pull off things of this nature.

I have decided that I will have my own spandex swimsuits soon, but I will have to take the time to really look for designs that are appropriate for my body style. I don’t mind not having the best looking body available on the market, as I know I will be able to find something that I can wear to the beach just like everyone else has. I just hope that people on the beach will be willing to see me in the same manner that I have viewed all those other guys out there wearing their awe inspiring swimsuits.

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