This Is Why I Wear Spandex Swimsuits

  If you have seen guys walking around in something sexy on the beach but didn’t have a clue what they were wearing, they were probably spandex swimsuits. I have seen a lot of guys wearing things on the beach that absolutely amazed me to no end but I never could figure out what they […]

Many Reasons to Wear Spandex Swimsuits

  If you are not wearing spandex swimsuits, then you need to have your head examined very carefully and thoroughly. You are missing out on some of the best fun you could ever imagine having out on the beach. But it’s not only out on the beach that you are going to be having fun. […]

More and More Spandex Swimsuits Being Worn

  Some of the spandex swimsuits I have worn in the past were great but they have nothing on the designs that you can find these days. I used to be amazed when I would see a new design pop up in stores that were made from spandex but now there are too many to […]

Annoying My Friend With My Spandex Swimsuits

  Anyone that tells you wearing spandex swimsuits is wrong has no idea what they are talking about. I have one of these friends in my life and he annoys the piss out of me. I get that he doesn’t understand what it is like to have something this sexy and comfortable on his body […]

Spandex Swimsuits Secrets

  Nothing says summer like wearing spandex swimsuits out on the beach as far as I am concerned. I love how they fit so snuggly against my body and make me feel like I am completely naked all at the same time. I only wish that it was not as cold in the winter so […]

Missing My Spandex Swimsuits

  Nothing says summer like seeing all those sexy spandex swimsuits on the beach. I almost hate having to wait through the winter months before I can go back out and get an eye full of hotness. Sometimes, I wish I had the money to move somewhere that had warmer weather during the winter so […]

Spandex Swimsuits

  If you aren’t out on the beach wearing spandex swimsuits then you are missing out big time. Guys have started to realize that there are a lot of different things in life that they could be enjoying and this is definitely one of those things. Sure you might feel a bit awkward wearing something […]