More and More Spandex Swimsuits Being Worn


Some of the spandex swimsuits I have worn in the past were great but they have nothing on the designs that you can find these days. I used to be amazed when I would see a new design pop up in stores that were made from spandex but now there are too many to count. I look online and my mind explodes from the sheer number of these items being offered. I never would have thought that spandex would become such a huge hit with guys like it has but the numbers are hard to miss.

I have even noticed some women wearing spandex swimsuits to the beach which is amazing to me. Seeing guys walking around in all kinds of designs made from spandex makes me tear up a little bit. It is nice to be able to walk out onto the sand and see that I am not alone in this crazy world. Knowing that there are others out there that love the feel of spandex just as much as I do makes me wonder how this trend didn’t happen a lot sooner than it did. Either way I am happy that I was a part of it back then and still involved in it today.


I would guess that you couldn’t go out on a beach and not see guys wearing spandex swimsuits at some point. The funny thing is that there are some designs that you really have to look for in order to tell that they are made from spandex. As a guy that has spent many years looking at this type of swimwear I can usually tell right off which ones are spandex and which ones are cheap knock-offs. But I could see the majority of people out there not realizing what are being worn around them and it makes me smile just a little bit more every day.


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