A Love Affair with Spandex Swimsuits


When spandex swimsuits came on the market, a lot of people were extremely puzzled by this fabric that seemed to stretch in whatever was needed to fit the body that was wearing it. Nothing else quite compares to these swimsuits as you will discover from the second you slip into one of them. The majority of men who try out swimwear made from spandex are hooked from the very first time they wear one, and there are a few definitive reasons for this reaction. The more men wear spandex swimwear the more they become convinced that they do not want to wear any other type of fabric to enjoy the sun and surf.


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One of the biggest reasons for this worldwide love affair with spandex swimsuits is the fact that it is lightweight while still being quite durable. Spandex breathes along with your skin and allows you to be comfortable no matter what the temperature might be. So when you head to the beach on a hot day wearing your spandex suit, you will find that there will be little to no sweating brought on by your swimsuit. Even better, spandex is such a weightless material that you will probably forget that you are wearing anything after a while. This is a very popular aspect with men who are traditionally nudists. They can still visit whatever beach they like while maintaining the sensation and illusion of being naked.

Another reason that spandex swimsuits have become so popular is their durability and ease of care. After a day of swimming and tanning, all that is needed is to rinse out these swimsuits with clean water and hang them up to dry, and the drying time is nothing. When you hang up your swimsuit to dry, you can be assured that it will be ready and waiting for you the next morning to slip onto your body. Of course, if you are a true sun and sea worshiper, you will most likely have more than just one of these swimsuits on hand so you can change them out each day, and that is the best idea.

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