Recognizing High Quality Spandex Swimsuits


A lot of spandex swimsuits on the shelves these days are not really made from spandex. At least not like the ones that you can buy from specialty sites online. You will be able to tell this because they will not fit the same way that real spandex will fit when you put it on. I have been wearing spandex for a long time now and I can tell if it is real or not just by running through my fingers. But there are still guys in the world that think they are getting a great deal on spandex because they bought it off a clearance rack in a chain retail store.

I am one of those guys that understand you get what you pay for and my spandex swimsuits are the real deal because of that knowledge. I spend good money on my swimwear because I want it to last and I want to make sure that I have high quality spandex. I refuse to wear any type of spandex that might not fit me properly because then you look strange in it. If you have not ever worn spandex that feels baggy on your body, then you do not know what cheap spandex feels like.


I make sure that the spandex swimsuits I buy are of the highest quality and that usually means I have to spend a lot of time researching the sites that I am buying from. I know it seems like a waste to spend hours going through these sites and looking for reviews but, in the end; it is always worth the time. I have caught myself going to purchase a certain design because I loved the way it looks only to find that I should stay away from it because of the way it’s made. When you wear spandex as much as I do; something like that can mean quite a lot to you. That is very important for you to remember.

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