Spandex Swimsuits Will Give You More Fun in Your Life


If you aren’t wearing spandex swimsuits then you are not having as much fun as you might think you are having out on the beach. In fact I can guarantee that if you were to wear something like this the next time you go out you won’t ever want to leave the house again without knowing you have something made from spandex to wear when you get back home. I can honestly say that most of the guys that I know have started wearing spandex and refuse to go to the beach while wearing anything else if they can help it.

I even have a friend that will drive the two hours back to his house if his spandex swimsuits aren’t with him and we all decide to go to the beach for the afternoon. Now how many of you reading this would do something like that for those regular old trunks that you think are so cool? I bet most of you would simply hang out in your jeans or just not go to the beach because driving two hours to get your trunks would not be worth the effort involved. That is the type of thing only spandex would make you do.

Now I might not be willing to go that far for my spandex swimsuits but I certainly wouldn’t have as much fun if I didn’t have them on when I got to the beach. There are a lot of things in this life that you have to settle for and your swimwear should not have to be one of them. You should be able to fall in love with wearing your swimwear every time you put them on and that is what I feel with my spandex designs every day. Thankfully I live on the beach so I can wear mine all the time but I would probably do that anywhere even if I lived nowhere near the ocean.

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