Why You Should Buy Spandex Swimsuits


Your friends have called you up to come hang with them at the beach. Plenty of attractive faces and bodies are out roaming the shore today so you go through your swimsuits to select the sexiest one but you pass by the spandex swimsuits, which might be a serious mistake. Now may finally be your chance to capture the man or woman of your dreams. As you stroll along the beachside, you spot a rather handsome man making his way towards you. You run your fingers through your hair and offer your best smile. He smiles back and stops to talk. That is, until your friends arrive wearing swimsuits made from spandex and his attention is immediately drawn to their revealing, tight fitting swimwear. You look down to see the same pair of knee-length swim trunks you have had for over 6 years now. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade!

This exact situation may not have happened to you, but why wait until it does? The appeal of spandex swimsuits is that they are like physical representations of confidence. Men appreciate high self-esteem when looking for potential mates. What screams confidence more than your large manhood emphasized by a small cut, form-fitting piece of swimwear? Why let your friends rule the stage when you can show off your beach body just as well as they can? The reason why you should buy swimsuits created from spandex is because swim trunks are too modest. They are baggy and somewhat inhibiting to movement. You need a swimsuit that frees you to be flexible when needed.

When you are out swimming with a bunch of men at the pool, do you find yourself checking out the men in baggy swim trunks, or do your eyes wander to the hunky men in spandex swimsuits? You could easily be one of those hunky men yourself. If you’ve got a nice body, you should try on a little confidence with a new swim suit. You will be swimming in compliments before you know it!


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