The Rules of Spandex Swimsuits


Wearing spandex swimsuits is a great way of showing off your body and feeling extra sexy on the beach. However, there are a few things that you need to think about in the beginning. Now the first and most important thing to remember is that you need spandex that fits properly. We have all seen those pictures online of people wearing spandex that didn’t fit right. You don’t want to be one of those people so make sure that you purchase spandex that fits right and isn’t too small for your body style. Being tight is one thing being overly tight and disgusting is something completely different.

The next thing about wearing spandex swimsuits is the amount of body hair you have. Some guys need to spend a bit more time on this area than others, but it is important that you pay attention to this part of your body. Spandex has a habit of pulling body hair through it at times so just shaving or waxing around the swimwear isn’t going to work the way you think. Get it all taken care of so that you aren’t walking around with fuzzy looking swimwear. It may be funny to see for everyone else, but you will regret it.

Once you have figured these two things out, then your men’s spandex swimsuits will be the talk of the beach. That talk will either be how sexy you look in your new swimwear or how silly you look because you didn’t pay any attention to the first two paragraphs. It is completely up to you, but I have faith that you will do the right thing. Most importantly, you need to make sure you are wearing something that is safe for the general public to view. Some designs are a bit risqué and people aren’t going to like seeing them around. Remember that being safe is much better than being arrested for indecent exposure.\\Rear_Assault_Bikini_06

Spandex Swimsuits to Look Sexier


The more guys I see wearing spandex swimsuits the more I want to try some out for myself. I never really thought about wearing things like this in the past, but I see these guys walking around all the time now. It used to be that I could feel happy wearing something like boarding shorts to the beach. Now I have the feeling that I need to wear something a bit different. Something a little bit sexier than regular shorts, and that means I need to find some of these spandex items that I keep seeing.

Searching around online has shown me that there are a lot of different spandex swimsuits available and trying to pick one out of so many is difficult. I want to try something sexy, but I don’t know how sexy I should go. What if I pick out something that the beach won’t allow me to wear in public? Will I get into a lot of trouble for that or will I simply be asked to go home and change? What will people think about me wearing something like this out in public if they know we well enough to know I normally wouldn’t do something like that?

There are a lot of things that have gone through my mind since I decided to try out some of these men’s spandex swimsuits. So many things that I am not sure this is something that I want to do in public right now. I am thinking about buying some of these designs and just wearing them around the house until I can find something that I am comfortable with wearing out in public. That would probably be the best solution for me right now and I would have to worry about what others might say about them just yet. Maybe I can get some friends to take a look at them in private and tell me what they think first as well.




There is Nothing Quite Like Spandex Swimsuits


Spandex swimsuits fit snug, and yet, are comfortable at the same time. They look great on just about everybody except for the very obese. Even then, however, this miracle fabric has enough versatility that it can stretch to fit all body sizes. In short, there really is nothing quite like these particular swimsuits. They have been in demand for years and are even more so today. If you don’t believe that, do some research of your own. Talk to your friends that love to frequent the beach and resort swimming pools. Ask them what sort of swimsuits they choose to wear. A large percentage of the answers you receive will be swimwear made from spandex.

Another way to prove how popular spandex swimsuits are is to observe the visitors to any beach that you happen to go to and you will see that most of the swimwear worn by them is made from spandex. There is little wonder that this is true. Spandex is one of the most versatile fabrics of any created and is the perfect choice for a swimsuit. This material molds to fit any body type and stays put even when weighted down by lots of water. You don’t run the risk of emerging from the water with your swimsuit down around your knees showing everything you have to whoever wants to view it.

Now, you might think that swimsuits made from something like cotton or polyester might be better than spandex swimsuits. If that happens to be the way you believe; you should definitely run a comparison test so that you can see all of the advantages that spandex swimwear has over swimsuits made from other materials. It will, most likely, take just one test and you will be won over by spandex swimwear. Chances are that you will never want to wear swimsuits made from anything except spandex ever again.


Nothing Replaces Spandex Swimsuits



While there may be many, many different types of swimsuits available on the market these days for men, nothing will ever replace spandex swimsuits. This swimwear does everything to help flatter just about any body type with the exception of the hugely obese. It can even help slenderize and shape a slightly chubby body simply by putting one on. The best way to prove this is to experience it for yourself so that you can see exactly how hot you can be when wearing one of these swimsuits.

Just because you may not have done the best work on yourself through the years and may not have the hottest body in the world does not mean that you cannot benefit from the advantages that men’s spandex swimsuits will offer you. In fact, these swimsuits can transform you from ordinary to extraordinary just by slipping into one of them. That is not to say that a little work on keeping yourself toned and tight is a bad thing because that extra effort will only make for an even more dramatic change when you put on one of these swimsuits. However, even though you may not be a perfect physical specimen, you can definitely improve yourself by wearing a flattering swimsuit.

If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of spandex swimsuits, all you have to do is to try one out and see the results. As you model this swimsuit in front of a full length mirror, you will be amazed at just how much of a difference you will see in your body. Then compare it to other swimsuits that you have on hand and may be tempted to wear instead of the spandex one. It will a truly eye opening experience that just might change beach life. Of course, you will never know that until you buy at least one of them and give it a test run.



Spandex Swimsuits for Everyone


Spandex swimsuits do not have to be confined to only a small group of people. In fact, most men are able to squeeze into a swimsuit made of spandex and even look pretty good in it. Actually, there are more men now than ever before wearing these swimsuits and they love them every second. Not too long ago, if you saw a man wearing anything made from spandex; you would have thought they were training for some kind of sport or something. These days, however, items like this are worn for the sheer pleasure of wearing spandex.

You would be surprised to see just how many guys are wearing spandex swimsuits on a regular basis. Your boss might even be wearing one at the office under his pants and you would never have guessed. Think of all the fascinating places you could wear something like this and then ask yourself why you aren’t doing just that.  You could be enjoying your life so much more if you only gave in to your dreams and purchased swimwear of this nature. You may think you can’t pull something like this off at first, but after wearing some of them; you will see that you most definitely can.

Today’s men’s spandex swimsuits are the epitome of every guy that has ever wanted to walk around and get some attention. People from all around you will want to come up and talk to you about your swimwear selection when they see you in them. On the other hand, they might not even mention your sexy swimwear. But you can be sure that it is the reason they noticed you in the first place. Of course, you don’t have to wear them out in public if you don’t want to. Just imagine what your partner is going to say about you when you surprise them with something sensual and form fitting in the bedroom. There are no right or wrong ways of wearing these swimsuits, so go wild and have some fun tonight.



Shopping for Spandex Swimsuits


It’s pretty easy to shop for spandex swimsuits these days. In fact, you can probably pull up hundreds of sites online that are selling them right now. It wasn’t always that easy, though. When spandex was first becoming available, there weren’t all that many guys wearing swimsuits made from it. If they were, then there was a very good chance that they had friends that were designers and they were just trying out something new. However, now it seems like everywhere you turn there are guys wearing spandex designs walking around.

I remember purchasing my first spandex swimsuits a few years ago and the fun I had shopping for them. Even during that time you had to know what you were looking for in order to find the designs you really wanted. These days, however, you can pull up just about any site that offers designer swimwear and find some made from spandex. They may not be as sexy as other sites that are dedicated to this kind of material, but that is good enough for a lot of guys out there. Especially those guys that simply want to try something different from what they are used to wearing.

I would suggest picking out some spandex swimsuits just to have for emergencies. You never know when you might be invited to a pool party and you want to wear something that everyone is going to talk about later. Spandex is a great material to get people’s attention and wearing swimsuits made out of it is no exception. It really is amazing how many guys have started wearing them, though, and that makes it easier than ever to find unique designs that you might never have thought of in the past. Give them a shot and see what I mean. You will never go back to traditional swimwear, though, so you should be prepared for that.


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