Recognizing High Quality Spandex Swimsuits

  A lot of spandex swimsuits on the shelves these days are not really made from spandex. At least not like the ones that you can buy from specialty sites online. You will be able to tell this because they will not fit the same way that real spandex will fit when you put it […]

Staring up with Spandex Swimsuits

  I have started noticing more guys wearing spandex swimsuits on the beach by my house lately and it started to make me wonder if this could be something that I could get into. I love looking at them on the beach and I know that there must be thousands of sites online where I […]

Locating the Best Spandex Swimsuits

  It is that time of year again when men are on the hunt for the best spandex swimsuits that they can find. Not only are they looking for high quality but they are also searching for bargains that will enable them to buy more than just one new swimsuit. Spandex became quite popular several […]

Choose Spandex Swimsuits for Flattery and Comfort

  Now that the time of year is coming around for swimming and tanning, spandex swimsuits will be in high demand. There are many reasons to make these your choice of swimsuit and you may already know them. It seems that spandex does what other fabrics cannot do in that it flatters just about all […]

A Love Affair with Spandex Swimsuits

  When spandex swimsuits came on the market, a lot of people were extremely puzzled by this fabric that seemed to stretch in whatever was needed to fit the body that was wearing it. Nothing else quite compares to these swimsuits as you will discover from the second you slip into one of them. The […]

Selecting Your Spandex Swimsuits

  Spandex swimsuits are at the top of the popularity list when it comes to men and that their swimwear these days. There are so many reasons that spandex has become such a favorite that it is difficult to nail down the most important ones. For one thing, spandex is durable and easy to care […]

Spandex Swimsuits of the Future

  There are a lot of spandex swimsuits in this world that I would love to wear right now, but it is a bit cold for that. At least it is where I am living at this particular time. I have thought about taking a couple weeks for a vacation and heading off to warmer […]

This Is Why I Wear Spandex Swimsuits

  If you have seen guys walking around in something sexy on the beach but didn’t have a clue what they were wearing, they were probably spandex swimsuits. I have seen a lot of guys wearing things on the beach that absolutely amazed me to no end but I never could figure out what they […]

Many Reasons to Wear Spandex Swimsuits

  If you are not wearing spandex swimsuits, then you need to have your head examined very carefully and thoroughly. You are missing out on some of the best fun you could ever imagine having out on the beach. But it’s not only out on the beach that you are going to be having fun. […]

More and More Spandex Swimsuits Being Worn

  Some of the spandex swimsuits I have worn in the past were great but they have nothing on the designs that you can find these days. I used to be amazed when I would see a new design pop up in stores that were made from spandex but now there are too many to […]