Have Fun in Spandex Swimsuits

Have Fun in Spandex Swimsuits If you happen to be man who does not have a lot of fun in life and are just ok with that, you do not have to remain in that situation. Something that you can use immediately to start having some fun are spandex swimsuits. It is so simple that […]

Spandex Swimsuits to Show Who You Are

  There are times when men need to show the world just exactly who they are. When this time comes around in your life, it is time to haul out your spandex swimsuits. There is just something about how adventurous that these swimsuits make you look. For one thing, they fit your body like a […]

Picking Out the Right Spandex Swimsuits

  Not all spandex swimsuits are created equal these days. This is one of those materials that have taken over the world quietly and almost everything that is being worn these days has at least a little bit of spandex in it. Of course you aren’t going to be wearing a swimsuit that is only […]

Getting up my Nerve with Spandex Swimsuits

  There are a lot of guys wearing spandex swimsuits these days, especially on the beaches that I like to frequent. I remember the first time I ever saw a guy wearing swimwear like this and how I thought they were asking for trouble. I couldn’t understand why someone would specifically choose to wear something […]

Natural Spandex Swimsuits

Have you ever noticed that wearing spandex swimsuits is becoming one of the most natural things for guys to do on the beach? There used to be a time not too long ago where wearing something like this was frowned upon deeply. Now, though, there are all kinds of guys wearing them. Just the other […]

Doing Bad Things in Spandex Swimsuits

  I love wearing spandex men’s swimsuits myself, but there also are times when I would rather sit out on the sand and watch all those sexy guys walking around. There is something so hot about seeing sexy men wearing things like this out in public. I usually do my best to control myself but sometimes […]

The Ever Growing Popularity of Spandex Swimsuits

  There are a lot of guys wearing spandex swimsuits these days and I am glad to see it. When I first started wearing them, there weren’t all that many guys that were comfortable in wearing something like this out in public. They might have been wearing them around the house or had them on […]

Watching Spandex Swimsuits Evolve

v   When I started wearing men’s spandex swimsuits, there was no one else in my area even thinking about things like that. Everyone had been wearing the exact same swimwear for the last twenty years, it seemed, until I came across a little site online. I was messing around online and just happened to come […]

Hiding My Spandex Swimsuits

  I love wearing men’s spandex swimsuits, but I can never bring myself to wear them in public. I tried it once and everyone seemed to be upset with me for some reason. Granted, the designs that I like to wear probably aren’t all that proper to be wearing in public most of the time, but […]

Don’t Judge My Spandex Swimsuits

  If you think wearing men’s spandex swimsuits is the downfall of humanity, then there is something wrong with you in my opinion. I was walking around on the beach the other day, my own slice of private beach I might add, when some jackass comes up to me and insists that I go home and […]