Missing My Spandex Swimsuits


Nothing says summer like seeing all those sexy spandex swimsuits on the beach. I almost hate having to wait through the winter months before I can go back out and get an eye full of hotness. Sometimes, I wish I had the money to move somewhere that had warmer weather during the winter so that I could hang out on the beach and watch all those sexy guys walking past. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen anytime soon so I will have to settle for the pictures I have taken in my mind until the next wave of beachgoers wafts in to give me all of the attention that I have come to expect.

I have thought about buying my own spandex swimsuits and wearing them around until I can go back to the beach, but I don’t look good in things like that. I have tried some other swimwear designs that were basically the same thing and found that I am greatly lacking in the sexiness department. I just know if I ever took something like this out into public I would end up scaring everyone that looked at me. So I will keep wearing the same swim trunks that I have always worn and keep an eye out for those sexy guys wearing spandex.

“Sorry no models today just me in one of my favorite fem style Koalaswim suits”


I really wish I had friends that would wear spandex swimsuits all the time when they were around me. That way I could look at them during the winter and not be so depressed about not being able to go to the beach. I know that sounds really crazy, but I just love looking at guys wearing spandex. I guess you could say it is some kind of a fetish of mine; not that I get all sexual about it or anything, at least I don’t get sexual about it when I am out in public. I might think about it late at night while I am in bed but that is not the same thing, is it? Better yet, I should take some photos that I will have to look at during the winter. That just might work.