Wishing I Was Young Enough for Spandex Swimsuits


Whenever I see guys wearing spandex swimsuits, I find myself wishing I was young enough to join them. I know that I do not have the body to be wearing something like that out in public and I am pretty sure that the people in public would prefer that I did not as well. Thankfully, I have a nice yard with a privacy fence and pool so I can wear them at home. I would love to show them off even to a neighbor now and then, but I think it is best to keep them to myself. I do try to be respectful.

I have been wearing spandex swimsuits for a few years now and they are extremely comfortable. I can understand why younger men would love to have something like this on the beach. I have also found that I tend to spend more time around my pool when I do not have to worry about my swimsuit falling off. These spandex designs tend to stay in place no matter what I am doing even though that is not all that much at this point in my life. But what I am doing is enjoying my swimsuits like never before and that is pretty good for an old man like me.

Being the age I am, I can tell you that wearing spandex swimsuits is not such a big deal anymore. Sure, it was frowned upon by most guys a few years ago, but sometimes you have to do things that will bring a bit of adventure into your life. You do not want to live to be my age and regret never getting out there and having any fun. If you get a chance to wear spandex, you should absolutely take it and see where your life can go. I only wish that I was young enough these days to get involved in something like this now. If they would have had this type of swimsuit when I was in my twenties; I am pretty sure I would have been on the beach every single day of my life. Even though it might be a little too late for me now, I can still gain pleasure from watching the young men these days.