Spandex Swimsuits Have Shown Me a Good Time


Some of the best times I have ever had involved wearing spandex swimsuits on the beach. It seems like every time I wear something like this out to the beach I end up getting invited to a party which ends up being absolutely crazy. I never really thought that wearing something like this would end up having such a profound impact on my life but now I can see the power with which spandex has on people. Because of this I tend to only wear spandex when I have a full weekend to devote to having as much fun as possible without worry about the consequences.

Take the time I wore the sexiest spandex swimsuits I could find to the beach one day and got invited to an A-list actor’s house party. Now I am not going to start name dropping or anything like that but I can say that this particular actor has been in some of the highest grossing movies ever created and I got to party at their house. I was even the center of attention while performing a lip-sync talent show on the diving board of the pool. Now if that isn’t amazing I don’t know what is.


Things like that one particular incident don’t happen all the time but wearing my spandex swimsuits has made it happen at least once and how many people can say that about their own swimwear? You see, I don’t really believe that the swimsuit itself has given me special abilities to make people like me but I do believe that I have gained an amount of confidence that has allowed me to be more approachable by others. Because of this confidence people see me as a friendly guy that is willing to go out and have a good time. I have never been arrested or anything and everything seems to work out very well. I have the confidence that I get from wearing my spandex designs to thank for that regardless of what anyone else might think. You may not experience the same things I do but I am sure you will have much more fun in your life if you give spandex swimsuits a try.