Picking Out the Right Spandex Swimsuits


Not all spandex swimsuits are created equal these days. This is one of those materials that have taken over the world quietly and almost everything that is being worn these days has at least a little bit of spandex in it. Of course you aren’t going to be wearing a swimsuit that is only partially spandex are you? This is why it helps to do your research when looking for spandex to wear out to the beach. There are a lot of sites out there purporting to show the best of the best but that usually isn’t the case. Too many people like to take lower quality spandex and push it off as something higher in quality. You have to take the time to figure out what it really is and that can be difficult.


You don’t need to be a fashion designer to understand that there are some really good spandex swimsuits in this world and some that you probably shouldn’t order. You have to think about what it is you want to express with your swimsuit first and look for the designs that will accomplish this. Then you have to figure out if the material and design itself is going to work for your needs. Always go for the purest form of spandex you can get and pick out the design that you are most comfortable wearing in public.

If you have any problems picking out your spandex swimsuits you can always look around online to see what other guys have tried out. There are a lot of forums out there sharing stories with others in order to get them into the right swimwear. Just make sure that you aren’t spending too much money on designs that aren’t going to work out for you. That is something that you might not be able to recover from and one of the main reasons that a lot of guys stop trying to wear spandex.